Faithfully Simulator

Include over 1000 questions; faithfully simulate all TOEIC’s question categories in both reading and listening skills.


with random scenario photos and real person recoding; aims to improve user listening ability under time limit condition.

Question & Response

involving single sentence question and selecting the appropriate answer; focusing on the user’s verbal comprehension and response.


recording of short conversation between characters; aims to train the user’s ability to following and understand what other people are saying.

Short Talks

consist of short monologue in various scenarios; aims to improve the user’s ability in grasping the key points.

Incomplete Sentences

aims to perfect the user’s mastery in vocabulary application and commonly used grammar.aims to perfect the user’s mastery in vocabulary application and commonly used grammar.

Text Completion

consist of texts with blank or missing words; it aims to train the user to understand the context first, before selecting the correct answer to fill-in the blank.

Passages Reading

material with single- and double-articles, the key category to achieve high score in TOEIC.

Bonus Vocabulary

this allows the user to practice and improve their English vocabulary. Supports Japanese and both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese translation.

Intro of Gym for TOEIC

Your opinion after play

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