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Kiddie Finder
Kiddie Finder
Kiddie Finder
Kiddie Finder

Kiddie Twin Stylish

Twins Joey and Chris are in a photo shoot at a tropical beach....

Match 3 or 4 even 5

Match at least three of a kind

Various cosplay

See the twin in various role costumes

Powerful Kiddies

Use the power-up to get you through the difficult levels

Discover the Surprise

Complete all challenges and discover the endgame surprise

Kiddie Finder

Completed Levels

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Can you match at least three of the same character together?

Frequently Ask Questions

Let's know any question about the Kiddie Finder Game, We'll reply you as soon as possible.

What is Kiddie Finder?

Kiddie Finder is a new style spreadable game for iOS. It's also an universal App for versatile devices including iPhone & iPad. You can download it freely just CLICK HERE, and then enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Is Kiddie Finder Free?

It's a free game for everyone to download and play. Free gems and power-ups are provided to help you through the first few hurdles.

How do I play the Kiddie Finder?

When playing, each level has either restricted moves or time available. In order to complete it, you either need to destroy blocks, match specific characters and collect specific roles. If you can achieve the objective within given moves or time, you'll be rewarded with stars according to your score and move onto the next level.

Which version of iOS do Kiddie Finder support?

You can run Kiddie Finder in iOS 6, 7, 8, even the latest iOS 9.3. It can be run on device from the smallest 3.5" iPhone to the largest 12.1" iPad Pro.

Are there any magic power or Gems in Kiddie Finder?

Once you match 4 or 5 of the same characters, you will get a power-up character. You can get free gems by playing or purchase them In-App, which allows you to acquire powerful tools and help you complete a level with the perfect 3-star score.

How can I get some gems for free?

You can get free gems by playing or watching an Ad.